Shaggy Rugs: Luxurious Feeling, Affordable Prices

When you want pure comfort in an area rug, there’s nothing like a shaggy rug to wrap your toes in softness. Whether you want long shaggy pile or a medium shaggy pile, we have you covered with our wide range of rug selections in soft, warm polyester pile.

Wide Range of Colours, Timeless Designs

Our selection of colours in both saturated bright solids and go-anywhere neutrals can provide the perfect shaggy rug for any room in your home. Our designs fit seamlessly into any décor with their clean lines and plush pile.

The Perfect Size, The Perfect Solution

Our wide range of sizes, too, can provide you with the right area rug for your space. Many homeowners like to layer a smaller shaggy rug over another rug that covers a larger area to give a pop of colour to accent a focal point in the room. In smaller rooms, this creates the illusion of more space. In larger spaces, this designer tip can help you define smaller areas within the room, creating zones for various purposes.

Our name may say “cheap,” but our products shout “luxury.” We guarantee the lowest prices you can find on shaggy rugs. Order your selection from the catalogue below today.

(Suggested Meta Description: Our collection of both long and medium shaggy pile rugs is surprisingly affordable. For pure comfort, pamper your toes with one of these luxurious shaggy rugs.)